Long Arm Certification

Instructor: Ellen Lee

Long Arm Certification lasts roughly two hours. You only need one class to complete certification and rent the Sewingly Yours Crown Jewel II long-arm. Below are all the dates and time certification is offered:
Thursday February 16th: 10:00am or 6:00pm
Monday March 13th: 10:00am or 6:00pm

Cost $35 (Free to those who have purchased a Crown Jewel or Crown Jewel II from us)


Take this hands-on class to learn the basics of operating our Baby Lock Crown Jewel II long arm quilting machine. You will help install a quilt on the frame then operate the bobbin winder, check/adjust bobbin tension, install the bobbin, install a needle, thread the quilter, learn about 3 stitching modes and then do some stitching! If time allows, you will even try your hand at using a simple pantograph. After Certification you will be able to rent this wonderful machine to finish those beautiful quilt tops that you have pieced in a Quilting style that is all your own!